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  1. Thank you so much! The second tutorial helped greatly.
  2. Hello there, I am extremely confused and was looking for some help. I recently purchased Roxio Creator 2012 and am trying to make DVD's of home videos. I have been importing the videos using Roxio Media Import, which has been working fine. During the import, there are scenes made whenever the camera jumps to the next scene, meaning every time I stopped the video camera, a new scene was created. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to use these scenes that were made during the import in MyDVD. Whenever I import the movie into MyDVD it comes in as one file. I have tried using the Auto-Scene Detect thing, but even on the lowest sensitivity, it is still not giving me the proper scene selections. Is there any way in Roxio Creator 2012 for me to get the scenes that I got when I imported them? Thank you!