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  1. Zetox

    No Signal Problem

    I read an article saying that there is no need to fix it since mine is a Vista and there is no issue. I disabled my webcams but it still isnt getting any signal
  2. Zetox

    No Signal Problem

    Ok thank you, Ill see to it if this makes it work
  3. Zetox

    No Signal Problem

    I get a "Select Device Failed" error
  4. Zetox

    No Signal Problem

    Yes I do have them.
  5. I barely bought the GameCap today at "Frys Electronics" and I have connected everything correctly but I got the no signal thing. I set the resolution to 1080p and 1080i but nothing works... When I barely got it I think I plugged cords while my xbox was on, so I tried again with disconnecting them all and connecting them again with the xbox off. Nothing seems to work. Please help DxDiag.txt