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  1. Thanks for all the replies, help and input on this. Frankly it is more than a bit annoying to have laid out on the Roxio software to find I can't get it to do what I want it to do when I could have opted for the full version of serif Movieplus, which it seems would, at pretty much the same cost. Now have additional cost of buying Roxio USB device and probably having to find an alternative/compromise on what I want to do with thew audio.
  2. The set up works in as far as I am able to specify my card as the video capture device, view the preview and capture the video. but with no audio as there are no devices in the audio input options of the video capture section. However if I also open the audio/music option and "capture audio from sound card" I can capture the audio separately from any of the installed audio devices. Running the two operations together I end up with a video with no sound and an audio file. Obviously they are out of synch as there is a delay between starting record in each operation. I can obviously trim and put them together in the editor, but this is cumbersome and inaccurate and seems crazy that I should have to. I really need to be able to specify the audio interface as I am using a pod 6 usb box with large diaphram condensor mic for the audio recording which goes through signal processing software before being recorded therefore a having to Roxio USB capture device which just gives me an audio line in isn't going to work very well for what I am trying to do. Video capture window No Audio input options in video capture window Options in Audio/music capture section. This is what I get in Serif MoviePlus starter edition which is free. to illustrate the setup I am struggling to achieve with Creator Por 2012.
  3. In device manager the tv card is specified as FlyTV 34+ and driver is Lifeview version The TV card is actually branded as Mercury and was culled from my old XP computer. The driver and spec in device manager are what were automatically installed when I fired up the computer after putting the card in. Driver is apparently up to date and card is working ok.
  4. I am trying to capture video from a video camera attached to the composite video input of an installed capture card. The video signal is ok and available devices options are there. When I go into options to select an audio option there are no options in the devices box. So I am getting no audio input. If I go into the "music/audio" option from the Creator 2012 pro home screen and select capture audio I have the full array of audio devices attached to the computer as options: mic, line in, pod 6 interface. I have a free starter edition of Serif Movieplus installed on the computer and this offers all available devices in video capture. I am running vista HP. I have tried reinstalling using repair, and uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.