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    Hard Drive Space Disappearing On Me

    Yes I have. Started out this process with 15 gigs free, now im down to a meager 5.88.
  2. mr. moneybags

    Hard Drive Space Disappearing On Me

    I have this set so movies save to my desktop. Ive noticed when there is an error when recording a movie and I have to start over, whatever portion of the movie was recorded is not saved to my desktop, but I also dont get the hard drive space back. Any idea where its going? I've tried searching Itunes, Roxio folders, Imovie, and performing general searches to no avail.
  3. Hello, Sorry I'm not sure what version I have, I will update as soon as I figure out what it is. I recently purchased this program (July 2012), if that helps. Are videos saved anywhere besides the Roxio home movies folder? I was planning on placing a VHS movie onto my computer, then burning that movie to DVD, then deleting the movie off my computer. However, after only a few movies, I've run out of hard drive space. I had around 15 gigs of hard drive space left before I started converting VHS movies, and now I only have 5. I have deleted all the movies i have converted from VHS off my hard drive. So where did the rest of my hard drive space go? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks