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  1. hi just bought CinePlayer with 3D - ESD couple of days ago... for the most part it's good, but i mainly bought it for the 3d playback... which isn't really satisfactory at the moment.. i can play 3d video files in a few formats and they ARE in 3d but i can't change the aspect ratio if i'm watching a stereoscopic file. sometimes it autodetects the aspect fine and other times it doesn't. this is actually something i can live with as i have other stereoscopic video editing software and can re-encode with a new aspect ratio. what i am having real trouble with is the audio sync during playback of ANY stereoscopic movie... it just gets further and further offset as the movie plays.. i have a core i7 2600 cpu at 3.4 ghz, 16 GB of ddr 3 system ram 2 gygabyte nvidia gtx 560's in sli mode 1 GB ram each and my gaming experience is fantastic so i don't understant why i would be having this audio problem...i do have the k-lite codec pack installed and slysoft anydvd too... using the latest (304.something) nvidia drivers, windows is fully updated, have direct x 11 working well for gaming at least and i'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice? i've tried upping the cineplayer process priority in task manager, tried making some adjustments in the nvidia control panel... am using 3dvision with trial version of 3dtvplay (nvidia store is down at the moment) and i can't think what else to try. right now i get a better experience with 3dvision video player, but i wanted a nice user interface