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    Is Toast Titanium Now Freeware

    Thanks tsantee. I shall continue to use Toast 6, which suits my requirements quite successfully, free of charge, as per the comments from Roxio Tech Support. Just thought the same might apply to Toast 9 as it is now legacy software.
  2. pixturesk

    Is Toast Titanium Now Freeware

    Given that Toast Titanium 9 is now a legacy item, can I use it free of charge. I recently got a used iMac G5 on which the owner left a retail copy of Toast Titanium 9 which I want to install/use? I am currently using Toast Titanium 6 which I also got in a similar fashion. At that time, after calling Roxio tech support, they told me they were no longer supporting Toast 6 in any way, so by whatever means I was able to obtain a retail copy of Toast 6, I could use it free of charge, just taking my chances using it without any Roxio tech support. Are the same conditions applicable to Toast 9. Thanks.