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  1. So, i Bought Roxio Gamecap. I waited for about 1 week to get the component cable. When i finally got one, It didnt work. I cant change the output mode mode to component on my ps3. Therefore i wonder if i got the wrong cable. Instead of being: Green, Blue, Red, White, Red. It is: Green, blue, red, white, red, yellow. There is an exstra yellow cable on mine. IS it the wrong cable? Please help me?
  2. BredeFroen

    Wrong Component Cable?

    Sorry i didnt reply. Yes i got it sorted out, but i dont know what solved the problem. After i tried the ps3 at Components without the Roxio, it has worked when i plugged in the Roxio. Thanks for Helping me
  3. BredeFroen

    Wrong Component Cable?

    Yes, it works without the capture card! :/
  4. BredeFroen

    Wrong Component Cable?

    Oh, i can try without the capture card. Wait a minute then, ok?
  5. BredeFroen

    Wrong Component Cable?

    Yes. I use HDMI
  6. BredeFroen

    Wrong Component Cable?

    yes, but it doesnt work. When i try to Change the output mode to Component on the ps3. It just turns black. When i change to the Component channel on my tv, it is also black.