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  1. I have been using Easy Media Creator 9 for about 2 years along with Windows 7 Home Edition. All has gone well: I've created DVD slide show productions, audio CD's, and so on. Last week, for no reason that I am able to determine, the entire program refuses to open. I've not changed or added anything. In an attempt to fix this, I have run every utility and diagnostic with little success. When I troubleshoot compatibility, the message says the program is not compatible. Why all of a sudden? I've also tried to re install, but my computer doesn't acknowledge the disk in the drive .Any suggestions? Thanks! Karen
  2. MaryKarenK

    Auto Replay

    I'll just have to claim diminished capacity. I cannot find that function! My drop downs only include an option to delete current menu. That gives me a "Cannot delete root menu" message. Where should I be looking? The "Help" talks about creating a "No Menu DVD" but I can't a find the how to for that. Sorry to need so much help on such a basic issue! Thanks!
  3. MaryKarenK

    Auto Replay

    I've created and saved a production using Easy Media Creator 9. I know that there is a way to edit the program so that the DVD will continually play, but I've forgotten what it is, and I can't find the specifics. Also, can I get it to play and bypass the menu option?
  4. I am trying to burn my DVD project using my DVD express in Roxio Home Creator 9. I have figured out how to change the menu background, but can't figure out how to change the menu background music from the generic. I can't see a way to import the file from Sound Editor. I'm sure there is an easy answer, but I'm stumped.