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  1. I have been a Corel/Roxio user for MANY years and have come across the usual small problems now and again, after using Creator NXT Pro7 for quite a while I received an email stating Creator NXT Pro8 on special offer AND FREE Blu Ray plugin, when trying to purchase the physical version the website would not let me check out, after 2 WEEKS of frequent emails to Corel and being sent around in circles I was eventually able to purchase the disc even though it had gone up by £8, the disc arrived 10 days later but immediately I ran into problems when trying to install from the disc, I am VERY used to the LONG time the installation takes but on this occasion after OVER 2 Hours (I left it running while I had to go out) I returned to find that it WOULD NOT install stating that "ERROR attempting to read from the installation database: D:\Creator NXTPro...\MultiCamCapture.msi" when closing this message AND a lot of other similar messages about other Roxio apps I tried again, NO LUCK. I tried on 3 different Windows 10 laptops and have got nowhere I even tried 2 other disc drives. After contacting Corel "customer support" they totally fail to understand the situation and will not accept that there is either a problem with NXT Pro8 or the physical disc, I have been given NO help at all, when stating that if no help arrives I will request a disc exchange or full refund including postage both ways, the only reply was "you can only return within 30 days", this even though I only received the disc 2 days before contacting Corel, the disc being purchased on 29th May 2021. All of the agents that I have had email conversations with have given me no reasons why the apps will not install and even when mentioning that I did not receive the link for the FREE Blu Ray plugin I was sent the link which asked me to pay for the plug in. I have come to the conclusion that Corel have NO IDEA when it comes to customers/users bringing these problems to their attention, I have been requesting either an exchange or refund for well over a week but had had no response to my requests, I have also mentioned taking legal action (out of principal) but this has been totally ignored apart from the brief mention of a 30 day returns protocol. Today I reinstalled Creator NXT Pro7 and it is running as it should which proves that the problem is NOT with my laptop or hardware, and I am coming to the end of my tether in wasting time trying to get any type of help from Corel so it could be a return and a LONG wait for a refund (should I be offered one). My view on this hopeless situation is to AVOID COREL/ROXIO AT ALL COSTS and buy software from a company that cares about its customers and products. Best wishes to all, please stay safe, healthy and happy, Stephan.
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    Photoshop X6

    I have just purchased and installed Roxio NXT 3 Pro, could anyone tell me how to access Paintshop Pro X6 as there seems to be little difference to the photo ditting options that I had in the original NXT Pro. any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Stephan.