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    Good morning! I have spent over 5 hours adding a vhs tape to my hard drive on my computer and then hitting the burn to dvd button on the newest VHS TO DVD software. Each time the file disappears and does not burn to a new blank dvd +R disc. I have a brand new HP Computer with a AMD 6 core processor, 12 Gigs RAM, video card is an NVidia GT440 with 2 gigs of on board ram and a 2TB hard drive a standard dvd burner and a blu-ray burner on my computer. I have been using the regular dvd burner and the file is not too large. So the computer is NOT the issue! I also have Roxio PRO 2012. Since I also had both of these files as WMV.files I tried to burn one last night using Roxio Converter. The lengh was 1hour and 30minutes. I started this process last night at 6pm. I got up this morning and the software was still encoding??? and only 55% complete. Almost 12 hours? What am I doing wrong? My email address is: rlfitzgerald at centurylink.net Thank you so much for any assistance.