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    Sound Editor Somtimes Cursor Is Gone.

    I can see there is not exactly lively debate about this issue on the web site, so I will add a little more from my experience a month an ago and hope that it can help others. The edit cursor is defiantly a weird problem, going from a normal light blue vertical line, meaning it works, to a 1/4" horizontal black line with 2 arrows, where editing is not possible. Every time I opened the Sound Editor, I tried new things, like clicking in different areas in the editor or opening a menu and selecting something before editing, nothing seemed to have an impact. Then moved the mouse into the edit area and the double clicked or triple clicked the left hand mouse button while being in the edit area. It was (is) important not to move the mouse at all while clicking the mouse and to do it rapidly. Here is the weird part, after that, the light blue vertical line edit cursor has worked ever time sins (for weeks, without the need rapid mouse clicks first). That almost sounds like "self-healing" software - not a big fan of that theory. The question could also be, did other software have an influence? Like Norton's Security? Or could it be a weak programming area, where timing is critical. That still stands as an open question. Hope this will help somebody else, which falls into my dilemma. And of course if you have a different way to solve the problem, please expand and tell us.
  2. Bruce-in-MA

    Sound Editor Somtimes Cursor Is Gone.

    I have been trying to add a little more substance to the problem by trying to open and close the Sound Editor. The times that the cursor in the editing area does not function, one will in the editing area find a small horizontal line with an arrow head on each end of that little line, in stead of the vertical light-blue vertical edit cursor, when one puts the mouse pointer in the editing area. When opening and closing the Sound Editor the double arrow head shows up about 70% of the time, but the suddenly after 8 or more tries the normal cursor functions. Hope that adds more clues to the problem. And again, how does one open Sound Editor and the cursor comes up every time?
  3. Bruce-in-MA

    Sound Editor Somtimes Cursor Is Gone.

    I do not have mouse trails turn on. I presume most people don't have it on.
  4. Bruce-in-MA

    Sound Editor Somtimes Cursor Is Gone.

    OK - Thanks. I was not aware I was using the wrong forum. When you write "we" should move it to the correct forum, du you mean you or I? And what is the forum? BTW. even though, I am sure that Easy Creator 10 has not certified the software to run on Win-7, does not mean it can't run on Win-7. Especially the cursor not being active sometimes, is probably not a Win-7 problem. Also like I wrote I have seen the same behavior in XP.
  5. Bruce-in-MA

    Sound Editor Somtimes Cursor Is Gone.

    I have Easy Media Creator 10 Suite. It says it is compatible with XP and Vista - where Win 7 is pretty much like Vista execpt most bugs are fixed. Claiming compatibility for a cursor to disappear some times, does not seem like a serious way to explain a solution. Like I also wrote, it also happened on my XP PC.
  6. (Saw on May 2009 same problem no answer) Easy Creator 10 - Roxio Sound Editor - Running on a Win-7 / 64 (everything is up-to-date high-end desktop plenty everything: cpu, memory, disk space and so on), have also had problems with same thing on Win-XP. I've been using Sound Editor for quite some time almost every day to create audio mixes for personal use. Some times when I try using it, it would not let me select portions of the clip to cut out a part in the main editing window. It seems like the cursor was/is gone. If I try to drag the cursor over the section I want to cut, it selects the entire track instead and can only cut entire tracks. Other times it works fine. I would say 40% of the time I can not get it (the cursor - the light-blue vertical line) to appear and be able to drop it in the sound track or drag it in the current sound clip, no mater what I try or click on options I select or menus picks. Have not found any consistent way of bringing up the Sound Editor and get the cursor to work. Even a reboot does not always solve the problem. What seems to be causing this problem (the loss of cursor)? Is there an option/menu pick to activate the cursor? Is there a work-around?