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  1. Brendon, All, Thanks for your help. What I did was just roll back to WMP 10 and this solved the problem. It's really easy for anyone having the same problem. All you have to do is go to your Add/Remove app in windows control panel (this is for windows xp, not sure about other OS) and remove WMP 11. It will then prompt you to roll back to WMP 10. Just follow the prompts and you should be fine. Joe
  2. Hi Brendon, Thanks for the link. In reading through the entire post, it appears that the fix did not work for the OP. Have you seen this fix work elsewhere. I just don't want to install software that is not going to fix the issue. Again, appreciate your help. Joe
  3. Hi, I have Roxio Creator Plus which came bundled with my Dell desktop. I am receiving several error messages related to mediahub.exe when I close out this program. The program works fine, its only when its closed out that these messages pop up. There are 3 back to back messages that appear when I close out the program. In researching this issue, it appears to be related to a conflict with WMP 11 and there appears to be a patch for this out there. Since this is an old program some of the links I found on the net for the patch are not working anymore. If anyone knows where to get a patch/fix for this issue it would be appreciated. Thanks. Joe.