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  1. Stokes

    Blu-Ray "unstable Connection" Error

    Hi Tsantee! Thanks for your reply! I am using 11.0.6, but I will try your suggestions. Hoping to fix the problem. Over in the discussion groups at Apple, they are saying that it could be an OS problem as well Edit: I tried your first suggestion without any luck. Once again, I received "Interface Error: 4 The connection is not stable".
  2. Stokes

    Blu-Ray "unstable Connection" Error

    Hey everyone, I'm on an iMac (Lion 10.6.8), running Toast 11 Titanium, and trying to burn a Blu-Ray DVD. I've installed the plug-in needed. However, the project will go through encoding and multi-plexing, and then give me "Error 4: Unstable Connection" once it starts the "writing" portion. I'm using an external drive from MCE Technologies to do this (It's an LG Venus DS5). I've called their customer service and was told that they have never experience this particular issue with the drive. They suggest a software issue. The computer DOES recognize the drive, so I know that that isn't the issue. It connects via USB 2.0 So far, I have tried burning to both Memorex BD-R Blu-ray discs and Verbatim BD-R Blu-ray discs but have had no luck. I don't want to waste anymore discs, so will have to go and get a rewritable for future tests. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, thoughts, or experience with these issues? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Stokes