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  1. THANKS for your interest and suggestions. I followed your suggestion of first burning to an image file or a folder set (each attempt independent from the other), but still received the Not Responding notfication on the Burn Project window. Just on a hunch, I removed the chapters (they were set at 5 minute intervals), and pressed the Burn button and Ouila!, it burns, baby, burns, Any thoughts about why it burns without chapters, but fails with chapters? THANKS again for you help.
  2. I have a project that runs about 2 hours and 15 minutes. In MyDVD, I manually set the DVD length to LP, which then displays that I have about 17 minutes of free space. When I attempt to burn it to DVD using MyDVD by pressing the Burn button, the project validates without error, then the screen showing the steps to be completed pops up..... then hangs up without showing any of the steps processsing or completing until the MyDVD program changes the title bar to show "Not Responding". I let it run for 8-1/2 hours. I am using a Dell Inspiron with 8GB RAM, Core I7 and Windows 7 Pro. I have attempted to repair the program through the Uninstall Programs screen, withourt changing the outcome. Thanks,
  3. Buzz849

    Cannot Export A Mix In Sound Editor

    THANKS for your interest. 1. In Sound Editor I click on Add Audio File and select my music (4 min 30 sec). 2. In the Mix Editor, I click on the "Plus" icon in the Layer 1 box which presents Layer 2 3. I press the Play button at the bottom of the screen and play the music to the spot (1:17:47) where I wish to mix in 1:06 in Layer 2. 4.I highligtt Layer 2, then click on Add Audio FIle, double-click on the audio to be mixed in. 5. I back up the time line to just before where the Layer 2 clip should mix in, press the Play icon at the bottom of the screen and insure the Layer 2 clip is in the correct place (If not, I right-click on the Layer 2 clip, select Zoom to Clip and manually adjust it, then right-click on the clip again and select Zoom to Full and repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the clip in the correct spot.) 6. I repeat Step 5 EIGHT total times (I have EIGHT Layer 2 mixes added to the original music in Layer 1). 7. Today, unlike yesterday, when I press Export Mix - it worked!!! BUT When I play the mix, the Layer 2 clips play progressivley later in the mix (when I was added them originally, I was very careful to play the mix back and all eight Layer 2 clips played the the correct place) and prgressively more garbled (again, when I played the original mix before exporting, it played flawlessly). I know the problem has changed from yesterday, but there is still a problem with the completed mix. Any help would be very appreciated. THANKS
  4. Carefully following the documentation, cannot export a 2 layer mix using Sound Editor. Running Creator 2011 Pro on a Dell Inspiron, Win 7 Pro, 8GB Ram. The output file is always ZERO in length, no matter what kind of output format I choose. Any ideas? Thanks.