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  1. Thank you Patty, but I have a few page turning transition in my program already. I installed the DirectX, (Thanks for the link). I ran the test from VideoWave and the dot stayed on hardware. I am stumped. Hopefully Roxio has good tech support. I will call them tomorrow.
  2. I am just adding disolve and page turning transtions. It is letting me make pan and zoom changes to the frames, just not transitions. This may be a stupid question: How do I update my directX? Thanks!
  3. Video Card Name: Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Approx TOtal Memory: 128.0 MB Main Driver: ialmrnt5.dll I have Windows XP Media Edition. Any other information I need to give?
  4. Hello - I have noticed this problem posted by others but haven't seen a solution yet. I am creating a video slide show with still photos using Videowave. It is only 9 minutes long. I have added a few transtions but am not able to add any more without the program crashing and closing. My system: Dell Inspiron 6000 1.8 ghz, 504 mb RAM Thanks