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    Update Is Improperly Signed

    And now there's another update out...1067, although I'm pleased to say that I had no issues with this one. Phil
  2. Phil Roy

    Update Is Improperly Signed

    Yeah, downloading the 11.0.4 update and then the new update has now worked for me also. Phil
  3. Phil Roy

    Update Is Improperly Signed

    I've now tried twice and get the same message. FYI...running OS X 10.8.1 Phil
  4. OK, confirming that solution 2 worked for me and I did not have to move the Toast application to the top level of the Applications folder as someone suggested. Handy tip to get at your library if it isn't in the "Go" menu under Mountain Lion...hold the "option" key down and go to the "Go" menu. "Library" will be listed in the menu now. Cheers, Phil
  5. FYI...The issue I describe above happens to me on 10.8.1. Thanks for the quick response. Totally understand it's a long weekend...enjoy ;-) Phil EDITED - Corrected the version of OS X to 10.8.1
  6. I can't install 11.1 The download goes fine, the installer launches, but when I get to the screen where I decided whether I want to include "Toast It and Mount It" options, the "Finish" button in unable to be clicked....no matter what choice I make. At the bottom left of the screen it states "An administrator password is required for installation" but I have not been prompted to put my admin password in. Cheers, Phil