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    Invalid Index Error

    The problem starts when I open the program. I have no anti-virus turned on at this time. The message I am getting is: A unknown error has occurred. The application will shutdown now, Exception: Invalid Index When I select OK there is another message: A problem caused program to stop working correctly. Windows will close program and notify you if a solution is available. That is all there is, program won't open. Is there any other information needed?
  2. poohdewey54

    Invalid Index Error

    I started to use the software for the first time today. It opened nicely and I was able to view my video. I closed the program and went back in later. I am now getting the infamous message " program is shutting down" I am getting an invalid index error message. I have windows 7. I have tried repairing the software, uninstalled/reinstalled software and am still getting the same error message. Any suggestions?