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  1. abdullahsgirl

    Roxio Toast Pro 11 New Package With Serial

    i did what you suggested but it still saying cannot write to file. It's set to download under the downloads section. but when i right click on the file and it says show package contents just wondering what is really wrong? i changed the system preferences any help would be appreciated its a totally new package for roxio toast 11 pro re-designed
  2. abdullahsgirl

    Roxio Toast Pro 11 New Package With Serial

    i ordered las night my new roxio toast pro 11 and i let it finish downloading and than i get an error this morning when i get up was cannot write file. can someone help me with the new installation
  3. abdullahsgirl

    Toast 11 Won't Update --Gives Signature Error?

    Is there a way to uninstall all of. Roxio? And than reinstall by going to the roxio website and go to downloads? The reason I am asking is I have roxio toast 11 pro. I had the 11.1 but than it would not update to the 11.2 so I went to the roxio website and I clicked on the download but I did not rename the older one. I was unsure how to rename the old one and so I think it did overwrite it but it says I have 11.2. But if I rename the old one for ex. Toast 11 pro old.dmg and than the new one I would leave alone? I have read a lot of posts as well That say go to the website and download the update Than open the folder Than. Hold down the cntrl key and or right click it and than install it? Confused don't really know what to do
  4. Wondering if someone could help me out. Last week my MacBook Pro had to be taken into apple and it ended up they put a new hard drive in. I installed all my stuff onto a back up drive. After trying to download the 11.2 update the encoding is taking hours and hours to burn a movie to disk. I am not sure what happened Is there a way of uninstalling everything and re installing it again? I have read many ways but I don't want to mess it up. Just wondering if anyone can help me. Thanks so much
  5. abdullahsgirl

    Toast V11 Upgrade

    hi i was wondering if someone could possibly help me out. i bought roxio toast pro 11 last yr and than today i see that they came out with a new version 11 pro. When i went to click upgrade it was charging me 129.99 but yet if i just download the new v11 than i only have to pay 119.00 Was wondering if someone could help me out. i really want the new version that it is showing me. does anyone else have the current toast 11 pro and wants to upgrade to the new toast pro 11. Sincerely abdullahsgirl
  6. abdullahsgirl

    Update Is Improperly Signed

    same problem here. I am getting an error message as wellWhen Toast 11.1 starts up I get a message, A new version of toast is available. . . Toast 11.1 (1066) Update includes: I try yo download and install however, another message says Update is impropperly signed...What is happening?????? even after the last update had issues with that one and now this update same thing is happening. I have contacted roxio technical support to see what they say about this issue.
  7. abdullahsgirl

    The Update Is Improperly Signed

    today i was prompted for the new update, i have the 11.1 (1063) and was prompted for 11.1 (1067) but after the download is complete (88mb) i get his error: The update is improperly signed. What do i have to do now? it seems i am having the exact same problem as the first comment. i have not tried going back to 11.04. been having trouble with the last update as well. did anyone contact roxio help by way of technical support. I have already sent an email to them showing that this is happening. Like This Quote MultiQuote
  8. abdullahsgirl

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    oh no way you are a genius. this totally works and the finish button is not grayed out anymore. very cool. thanks so much. yet when i sent an email to corel/roxio they sent me an email back saying yes they are aware of the problem and they are trying to fix it but they cannot offer a solution to this problem. they said alot of customers are experiencing this situation.
  9. abdullahsgirl

    Can't Even Get Past Setup Assistant

    ok i am having the same problem but when exactly do I hold the cntrl button down? i am confused as to when to do that if someone could possibly help me. thanks