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    Toast 11.1 And Managment Of Image File .sd2F

    Thanks for the feedback, In these days I try your solution. It's works well but i've also this issue. I can mount the image only one time... if I try to mount another time Toast freeze down. I can recovery the system with a Reboot and also sometimes M.Lion will freeze during the closing windows. (And then i must press the start up button to force the shut-down) if you have any ideas I'm going to try that! Thanks
  2. Hi, Today i've update my Toast 11.04 into 11.1 This is the problem: (I translate the voice menu because i've the italian version) - Select the Tab "Audio" - Add the audio tracks - Save as image commad+D - enter the filename and press Save Now a pop up message told me that it's impossible to save the .sd2f file format. Therfore i need to save with .toast extension. Then the operation works properly and the file image is saved. - From Utility menù i select "Mount disc image" or UPPERCASE+command+M The first time that a press this command i need to enter my username password and then my Toast 11.1 freeze.... I can try to kill the process but also Mountain Lion doesn't work properly...infact when i try to reboot Mountain Lion freeze in a gray screen! Anyone have this problem? Is there a solution? thanks Steno77