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  1. Thanks for your help again, i tried WMP but it won't accept the file i have created in Roxio with track separators. Maybe because it is mp4. I have ordered Nero from Amazon after suggestions here and from the Virtual DJ website. Wow didn't think it would be so difficult. Thanks again. Hi Brendon, thanks for helping me to understand it a bit more, i do appreciate it. I was beginning to wonder what Disc At Once meant. Kind of solved i suppose, just wish i didn't have to buy more software. Thanks again
  2. I will search, until i find. I sent the question to Roxio but still awaiting a reply.
  3. Thanks, i looked at the article but i'm still a bit confused (not a digital guru like you guys). Does that mean that it cannot be done? If that's the case, how comes Toast on mac can do it? i read somewhere (can't remember where, i have been looking all over the internet) that when the tracks are mp3 format then a gap is automatically placed between tracks on the cd. Thanks again
  4. It seems that nobody knows the answer to the same question from 2 years ago. http://forums.suppor...n-my-dj-mix-cd/
  5. Sorry i thought you asked if i am playing the disc or the file? Maybe i misread the question. The disc plays on the pc but not seamless. The reason i am not using Toast is my mac packed up, as i mentioned in the first post. Not sure if they do it for pc.
  6. I am playing the file which sounds ok. Its like a preview of each transition before you burn to disc. I play the disc in my car, and it has that problem i mentioned. I can hear the track changing (an extra beat or half beat), even though the mix should be seamless. I know the cd player in the car is fine because i have played mixed cd's before, that i have edited using Toast on mac.
  7. Hi all, apologies if this has been answered elswhere. I have checked briefly but cannot find my answer. I have recorded a DJ mix as one track and would now like to put it onto an audio cd with track numbers. I use to use Toast on my mac until my mac packed up so now i am using RecordNow Premier on Vista. I have put the track increments in during editing so that is fine. Then i used Roxio Music Disc creator to make sure that the gaps are zero. I play the transition on the pc which is fine but when i burn to disc and play on different device there is like a 'double beat' when the track number changes. I want it to be seamless but with track numbers. I have tried zero gap, i have tried crossfade with zero gap (that used to be the way it worked on toast) but still not working properly. I'm a bit annoyed if i am honest because surely when you play the transition on the pc it sounds ok, it should be the same as on the cd. I have now wasted 3 cd's trying to get it correct. Any help would be most appreciated.