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    Does Toast 14 Work Ok Under Os X10.11 ?

    Luckily I had no problems with OS x 10.11.1 and Toast 14.1. Made a DVD and a data-CD, and everything went fine. Authored on a MBP Retina and burned it on an iMac utilizing ToastAnywhere. The only problem I had was when I made a High Definition DVD, where the top menu was black on the DVD. But that is another story.
  2. christianWien

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    Thank you, solution 2 (deleting com.roxio.toast.plist) worked also for me (I had the dimmed "Next" button, but interestingly only on my iMac, not on my MacBook Pro - both on 10.8.1. I did not have a "wrong Certificate" error on either machine)