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  1. Jim, MysteryC Thanks for your input. Both of your respective methods work. Unfortunately these are not entirely satisfactory solutions, but I need to move on. I buy Roxio each year purely for Videowave as this is the module that I find most useful. We travel for our vacations and when we return I compile a 20-25min movie/slide show on blu-ray DVD for family/friends. This both limits and reduces the pain inflicted on them by watching our vacation experiences. Videowave is intuitive and easy to use if you want to do something more sophisticated than a vanilla slide show. I have great fun with it. But the app has its quirks and idiosyncrasies which persist version after version. Each year with each new version I hope there has been some visible/tangible upgrade other than the supposedly “under the hood” improvements. And, each year, I am disappointed as Videowave does not seem to have been modified/upgraded. And, yes, I am familiar with: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/compare-family.html but I am trying to make the distinction between the marketing bumpf and real use. To further my point, I have tried to use the Music/Audio module, as all the functionality is present for my requirements, but I have given up on it as the user experience is too painful. I buy my music in .wav/flac format for use in my mediaserver. Sometimes the metadata can’t be read by my mediaserver, so I have to redo it; I also convert these downloads to MP3 for travel use. Within this context: Batch convert and Transfer – Roxio needs something that approximates dbPoweramp (which I have). This is a no contest comparison as dbPoweramp wins hands down. Edit song information – this module can’t compare to what you get in dbPoweamp and the free MediaMonkey. Roxio’s Gracenote functionality does not work in the batch environment. Even if you try give it a hint (by putting in the album name for instance), its ability to identify the album and correctly name the tracks is hit and miss. And I am not entering metadata by hand. NXT has the potential to be a great product (even if you have to pay a little more for it) as I would prefer a single product for my multimedia requirements. It is the Swiss Army knife of multimedia applications and in using it I identify the functionality I require, but then I am forced to go elsewhere as NXT does not do them well. In NXT 3, I would like to see real progress. Maybe Roxio could use the money saved by not giving us $450 in “valuable” extras to fund the move to 64-bit, as this would require a rewrite and maybe we get a really good Swiss Army knife.
  2. - OK - Windows 8.1 64-bit, Intel i7-3820, 16gb RAM, 2 monitors, Corsair Force GT boot drive, several storage drives, AMD Radeon 7800 series, daskeyboard - as previously stated, I have been able to replicate this over several OS installs and Roxio versions. Regarding video card settings, let me install the latest Radeon beta drivers and see what happens. I am forming the view that there might be a conflict with one of my other apps. The solution would be to perform a clean install of Windowws 8.1 then install Roxio first (prior to anything else), but I am not sure I want to blow a Sunday just yet. I might leave that to the middle of winter. Bruce
  3. Brendon, Thanks for the effort. Unfortunately, going your suggested route does not switch off the refresh in Videowave. This implies it is not folder monitoring. Let me perform a complete uninstall and reinstall to see what happens. Trying to resolve this issue brought up another issue which I am experiencing with NXT2 and have experienced with previous versions that I owned as well: as I mentioned, I have a dual screen set up, if I have iTunes open on the secondary screen opening Roxio Media Manager on my primary screen causes iTunes to minimize. As mentioned, this is consistent with the behaviour of previous versions (as is the the problem we are trying to resolve), combined with the fact that we had no updates for all of NXT, it makes me wonder how much effort Roxio/Corel is putting into the developement of this product. Bruce
  4. Thanks for that. I tried it and it did not work. It's interesting that you can't replicate the issue. But maybe it highlighted a bug: under Monitored Folder Settings, I am unable to switch off "Start folder monoitoring" as you suggested. If I remove everything from the "Add folders to monitor" box, uncheck the 3 boxes underneath and uncheck "Start folder montitoring" (i.e. turn off everything in the Monitored Folder Settings" screen), click OK, then re open the "Monitored Folder Settings" screen, the "Start folder motnitoring" box is check marked by default upon opening. It does not matter whether I reboot or not. If I try "Add Folder", the pulsing/refresh directory tree returns. Of course, that window is built for idiots: it is too small to scroll down because of the constant refreshing and is a fixed size. This inability to resize windows that are too small has been prevalent for the last 3 or so versions of Roxio. I have owned them all, but let's deal with one issue at a time. I am at a loss. If you have any other suggestions, let me know. Thanks again.
  5. Performed a reinstall, no luck, the constant refresh continues. If you have anymore suggestions, feel free. This is irritating, because, as I mentioned, this does not occur with other modules within NXT2.
  6. I have Norton 360, and I have run its registry cleaner subsequent to the installation. So, let me do the reinstall, not run the registry cleaner and see what happens.
  7. When I open Videowave and click on File/Open Production, the Open Production folder window opens (as it should), however, it constantly refreshes. This means that I am unable to scroll down to my directory(ies) that lie below what is immediately visible. If I try to scroll lower down the directory structure on the LHS of the screen, the refresh results in the default view being refreshed - in other words being taken to the top of my directory structure. As I am typing this, I can see the constant pulse of the refresh occurring (I have 2 screens). This is a little frustrating because I can't get to my productions location which is much lower down. This behaviour is not replicated in other NXT2 modules, so I this is a Videowave issue. My installationm environment is as clean as it gets: clean install of Windows 8.1, clean/new install of NXT2, 16gb memory etc. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any solutions?
  8. Kruginator

    What Is The Difference Between Nxt And Creator 2012?

    Thanks for the responses. No, I did the NXT install over my old Creator 2012 (which of course did the uninstall of 2012). I will be doing a clean install when the final version of Windows 8 comes out. I will see what the difference is then.
  9. I purchased the NXT Pro version and performed the install a few days ago. Apart from the new additional programs providing "over $450 worth of valuable extras", I don't see a difference to Roxio Creator Pro 2012 core applications. The interfaces and program layouts and menus are the same etc. If anyone notices difference, please let me know.
  10. Kruginator

    64 Bits!

    I have the NXT version on the 64-bit version of Windows 8. Referring to Task Manager when the Roxio NXT apps are loaded, they are designated 32-bit.