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  1. Hello, Apologies if this has been covered - I was not sure what to search for. I have several programmes I download as .ts files - these are DVB standard def MPEG transport streams and play fine with VLC. I then convert them to .mpeg files using MPEG Streamclip which removes the unnecessary data and remuxes to an MPEG2 programme stream. It is pretty quick and only take a few minutes for a 1 hour programme - there is no transcoding. The .mpeg file produced also plays fine in VLC (and looks as good as the .ts original) I then open Toast and drag the .mpeg file to the DVD window - it 'goes in' happily and I can adjust the still frame, in and out etc etc. If I then either try to burn a DVD Toast fails to produce a useable DVD - I can see it has burned something. If I save as a disc image, I get a tiny file - only about 800KB - the source file is over 2GB. In both cases I noticed that the Multiplexing is far too fast - it only take a couple of minutes for a 1 hour programme. It is then followed by 'Filling RAM Cache - 4%' which sits at 4% and 0% Completed for a few minutes before Toast declares it has finished. Anyone have any suggestions? - normally I love Toast and it has worked so well for me in the past. I think I have tried deleting preferences but it is possible I may have missed a file or two. By the way for anyone who wonders why not watch with VLC, I like to put programmes on DVD to post to older relatives who prefer to watch TV on a TV. Thanks for reading.
  2. Thanks Eugene for the response - sorry I have taken so long to say so. I will try exporting elementary streams from Streamclip - though it may be a while.... I recollect being able to set the in and out points of the clip from within Toast but of course I cannot now do it! - so maybe I was wrong about that.