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    Can I use M-Discs instead of regular DVD/ CDs to burn any file using Roxio Creator NXT Pro or any earlier versions (I do have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro)?
  2. Every time I open BoT, I received this error "BackOnTrack Service cannot run. May be BackOnTrack is not installed properly." Already tried repairing, uninstall, re-install... Still no luck... By the way, I have Easy CD & DVD Burning, Creator 2012 Pro and Creator NXT Pro installed which I believe to have all BackOnTrack applications in each and every one of them (pardon my grammar^^ English is not my native tongue...). The only BoT working is on Easy CD & DVD. I was wondering if BoT is not compatible with one another.
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    thanks... i'll keep that in mind.
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    so it is a no... hmmm... do i need a special cd/ dvd writer or something? sorry, i am not familiar with any hardware
  5. Hello everyone. Just a quick question... And sorry for being dumb Can I install this program (Creator NXT Pro) without the internet? Its because I cannot get past our firewall...
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    Installation Offline(?)

    aaw... our IT guy is a terror... perhaps I need to beg him (on my knees) to help me with this one^^ thanks a lot
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    Vhs To Blu-Ray?

    aah okay... thanks for the info^^
  8. can i use blu-ray discs when converting my vhs?