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  1. John Yuelkenbeck

    Blu-Ray Menu/exit Buttons Not Working

    I'm using Toast 15.1. I have the "Pro" version, but as far as I can tell, that's just Toast 15 Titanium along with some other add-ons like Slice, DVD Themes, etc. and there is no actual "Pro" Toast software. I have a very basic wedding video with two movies: a ceremony divided into chapters and a music video. I've created both a standard DVD and a Blu-Ray version. On the Blu-Ray if I'm playing the ceremony video, there is no way to return to the menu while playing it. The Menu button doesn't function (on one player, it says "not available," on another, it just does nothing). The "return back" button is also nonfunctional. If I hit the stop button but then go back to the Blu-Ray, it just picks up where it left off. The only way to escape the first video is to skip to the final chapter, the hit fast forward until it reaches the end. Obviously, that's not an acceptable work-around. The standard DVD version doesn't have this problem. I need to finish up this project and get it to the happy couple. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks.
  2. John Yuelkenbeck

    Audio Cd Reviewing

    Renewing an old thread that was never addressed. In Toast 10, I was able to press play on an audio track, then hold down the rewind button to back up in to the previous track as far as I would like in order to listen to my transition. (Yes, I know I can go into the fades to accomplish this, but it is much more cumbersome). It sure would be nice if "upgrades" didn't break things that worked well previously. Any chance of getting this to work again?
  3. John Yuelkenbeck

    Bug Fix Almost Fixed

    I had complained about a couple of audio CD issues which Toast used to do with no problem, but had been discontinued with version 11. I was pleasantly surprised when both of those issues were addressed with the recent bug fix release, well, once I got past the "digital signature" problem that is. However, one of the items was only partially fixed. It has to do with being able to review audio tracks. The new version will once again allow you to hold down on the Back (or Forward) triangles to review through the music as opposed to skipping completely to the previous (or next) tracks. But what it doesn't do—and what was critical for me—is allow you to review backward from the beginning of a track into the end of the previous track in order to quickly check your crossfade. For example, I might click on track 12, hit play, then immediately hold down on the Back button so that it will review into the end of track 11 for several seconds, then let go so that I can hear the transition between track 11 and track 12. Previous version of Toast have always worked this way. Close but no cigar, Roxio!
  4. John Yuelkenbeck

    List Copying And Music Search Features Removed

    It's back to Toast 10 for me at this point.
  5. John Yuelkenbeck

    List Copying And Music Search Features Removed

    I'm on Toast 11.1 on a Mac. First issue: When making custom audio mix CDs in previous versions, I've been able to do a Select All and Copy, then Paste into other programs to get a quick track list. For instance, I could paste the list (number, title, and length) into Mail and send a track list to the client for approval. Or I could paste it into InDesign for quickly formatting the insert tray of the jewel case. This feature no longer works. Any chance of getting it back? Second issue: Also removed is the "review" feature between audio tracks. I used to be able to hold down the Previous or Next button and instead of skipping all the way back to the beginning or ahead to the next, I could go cue through the track to whatever point I wanted. This is essential for checking crossfades. But it no longer works. Is this progress? I expect upgrades to add to my experience, not take away from capabilities I'm used to.
  6. John Yuelkenbeck

    Custom Crossfade

    I've had the same problem. Quitting Toast and relaunching has always refreshed whatever had caused the problem. I'm on a Mac.