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    Toast 11.1 (1067) Various Issues

    Using Mountain Lion, so had to upgrade first to 11.0.7, which functions, but does not reliably save .disc files and takes appx 45 seconds to present a file list when choosing to Open or Save files. On recommendation from Roxio tech support, I then upgraded to 11.1 which failed to load completely. So 11.0.7 works "kind of" with OSX 10.8.2, but not close to acceptable for commercial product.
  2. Sombb

    Update 11.1 Crashes Mountain Lion

    Hi All, With some trouble updating from Toast 11 Titanium 11.0.4 using updater 11.0.6, I was pleased to find updater 11.1 just today. The update went just as expected, and I thought all was well. It is NOT. Each time I click "Burn" in Toast, the application crashes, having failed to recognize the new, unformatted CD-R in the CD drive. I've tried new Toast .disc files made with 11.1 and earlier .disc files made with 11.0.4, multiple unformatted CD-R's, Mac restarts, etc. etc. The update 11.1 ain't ready yet for primetime.