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  1. First at Record Devices the "Listen to device" is enabled for Roxio GameCap. However the can't hear the audio or is at bad quality of distortion. When I start Roxio Game Capture WHEN I click on opition. The Audio is fixed is fully normal at that moment each time I do that . (Mind that of course I hear double audio. Since I got Roxio GameCap at "Sound > Recording > Listen to device enabled". After I close Roxio Game Capture Software. My audio is not double and only hear one sound. So no problem so far. The moment I start Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder it gets back being very bad quality. There is not much of "audio settings" for that program. Add note I can't run Roxio Game Capture Software at same time with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder since it can only work with 1 program at the time. so I can't use Roxio Game Capture Software option that and can't fix the audio. I want to use Adobe one for livestreaming but only problem I have is with audio. My question is what's excautly causing it to be so much in bad quality in first place? Other minor things. - Disabled anti-virus uninstalled and installed it along with SP1 done that - Skype is installed? heard was problem but can't see what settings i need to disable since can't remove it from the list.