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  1. xXChromeGhostXx

    Invalid Cd Key Upon Install.rgc Device

    Yes the key is just as i sent in the PM, the thing I don't get is it registered just fine on the website registration form. But even copy pasting directly form there I still receive the key is invalid. This may seem silly but is it possibe that it won't go any further because my system doesn't meet the requirements? I know the installation disc wouldn't load on a friends older pc when i trasnfered the files to a usb flash drive then to my pc ( No cd driver installed yet its a desktop, just haven't found the one i want yet) but his wouldn't boot it due to lacking the system requirements.Nonetheless i got it succesfully switched over using a diff pc. But i was just thinking could this be a problem or would it not install at all if that where the case?
  2. xXChromeGhostXx

    Invalid Cd Key Upon Install.rgc Device

    Well i have talked with cdanteek, whether choosing to continue offering his help or not is his choice, but i i have been highly agitated upon receiving this product, spending the money on it and on upgrading my pc to handle the software properly, so just snide and snappy i do apologize again. and i do feel rather stupid lmao.
  3. xXChromeGhostXx

    Invalid Cd Key Upon Install.rgc Device

    Also, sorry for double posting, but hard to contact corel or roxio on the weekends seeing as they are closed.
  4. xXChromeGhostXx

    Invalid Cd Key Upon Install.rgc Device

    Well, I was just covering my own skin, I know most Cd Keys are a one time use deal, and well i'd rather not be ripped off by someone i don't know at all and never talked to before, so call me a douche or an &%$, but i'm watching myself, and also I have contacted roxio support multiple times as stated in the first post. But to no avail all i got was " send us a screenshot of our error when putting in the cd key and we will get back with you" That was all the help I got.
  5. xXChromeGhostXx

    Invalid Cd Key Upon Install.rgc Device

    No i'm not sending anyone my Cd key you are now ignored.
  6. Why won't my cd key work =(

  7. I've searched through quiet a few pages of the forums looking for this so sorry if it is a re-post but i found none on here in my searches. I've been on the phone and email contact with customer support for roughly 3-4 hours on and off today for this issue. Yes my PC exceeds the requirements for the operating system i have plenty of free space and all that. The issue i'm having is upon install once i go to enter my product key it says its invalid, at first i thought maybe this was the wrong key, but upon contacting the support line the assured me i was using the right one. So after this i tried and re-tried even flipping numbers/letters that may have been wrong or looked diff to me just cause of the font type. But to no avail it still wont accept my cd key# I'm seriously starting to regret purchasing this device if it won't even accept the cd key they send with the product. .