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  1. Stranger In Town

    Retrieving Wav Files From Dvd Music Disc

    Well, it doesn't for me, either a cd or did music disc when extracting the wav files. When I followed your advice and started extracting the wav files, I clicked on the name id tags and tried to get automatically and also through music id search but nothing. Like I said, I'm just glad I can get these original wav files back and if it ends up I have to rename them - I'll rename them.
  2. Stranger In Town

    Cd Disc Info

    thanks again (you responded to my DVD music disc question) for your rapid response. No, this didn't work for me. Microsoft Media Player has no problem getting track/artist info so I'm puzzled. I used to get the info through media import or whatever audio module I was using but it stopped months ago and I'm tired of media player so I thought I would find out what my problem was with Roxio.
  3. Stranger In Town

    Retrieving Wav Files From Dvd Music Disc

    thank you for the very fast reply and for the helpful advice. Yes, I can extract the wav files now but unfortunately it looks like the tag info is not available so I'll have to do that manually when saving them. No big deal since I had lost the external drive that held the original wav files so now I can recover them for other uses. I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  4. Stranger In Town

    Cd Disc Info

    99% of the time when I put a music cd (media import primarily) I don't get the disc info. My firewall is set to allow all Roxio modules internet access and I've checked the roxio program itself and Roxio is set to look up data. Anybody have a clue? Thanks
  5. Is there any way to deconstruct DVD music files to extract the wav files I used to make the disc? I tried DVD ripping programs but to no avail. Thanks if anyone has a tip.