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  1. The option to create a Blu-Ray Disc in MyDVD has been removed. In order to to this one now has to purchase an additional Blu-Ray plug-in from Roxio for $9.99.
  2. Is there a changelog for the new NXT 4 Patch 1.0?
  3. Will NXT3 developers provide diligence in bug/compatibility fixes over the next year, or will this just be a one-off?
  4. Ratchet

    Mydvd Target Media Greyed Out

    Thanks for your time and help with the screen shots! I am able to put an X in the "Save disk Image File" box and then click BURN, or put an X in the "Create folder set" box and then click BURN. (its the "Target Media" box that is grey like in your screenshot) The resulting iso or folder set is always the same size regardless of the Mode selected in MYDVD (EP LP SP or HQ). In previous versions for example, I could create a folder set or ISO in EP mode, and burn it at a later time, and the quality would actually be EP. Now it is always HQ. Thanks for trying to duplicate the problem on your machine. It's something unique to our setup.
  5. Ratchet

    Mydvd Target Media Greyed Out

    As an example, I am trying to render and burn a 35min video. If I select to create a folder set in ep mode, lp mode, sp mode, or hq mode, a 1.16GB folder is created. They are all the same. If I select to create an iso in each of these modes a 1.16GB iso is created. The same thing happens if I try to burn to a DVD. If the movie is over 1 hr the resulting folder set, iso, or DVD created is over 4.7GB at all modes. Strange but when I go to burn a DVD with a movie over 1 hr. It shows that I have lot of room on the DVD. The burning starts, but after burning for a time, an error is shown that the DVD is not large enough. I can see by looking at the DVD that it is fully "burnt" It actually tries to burn over the 4.7GB and fails. The DVD is ruined. Does anyone else see this weird behaviour with NXTPRO2? Actually tried saving an image of Win 8.1, wiped the hard drive and a did a fresh install of 8.1 with updates and only NXTPRO2 in the shop. Still the same problem.
  6. When trying to save to a disk Image file The Target Media box on the Burn Project Screen is greyed out.(I can't change it) Roxio MYDVD Main Screen: Disc Size: DVD 4.7GB Quality: Standard Play (File - Project Settings also reflects this) Burn Project Dialogue Box: Save Disk Image File Target Media -R DL An image is created that is much larger than 4.7GB if a movie over 1 hour is created. Regarless of any settings used for Disc Size and Quality the same size image is created, which is over 4GB if a movie over 1hr is created. Have been using every version of Roxio Creator since they first started and have had no problems until now. Windows 8.1 with NXT PRO2 and Intel Core i7 quad
  7. Here is a great workaround for this probem: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/90356-most-simple-work-around-for-videowave-crashing-when-adding-audio-files/
  8. The Most simple work around for Videowave crashing when you try to add an audio file is this: Use Windows Explorer to Locate the folder where your audio files are, and then DRAG and Drop the audio file to the MUSIC track while in Timeline mode. (Both the Explorer and Roxio windows must be open and visible to drag and drop) -this is a good work around for the Videowave crashes in both NXT Pro and the new NXT Pro 2
  9. Ratchet

    Videowave Closes When Adding Sound

    Thats some good detective work Rndrobin! It works. I didn't send in my error report as my 14 day tech support has long ran out. I hope the Roxio programmers will catch our posts. Have been with Roxio since DVD recorders first became affordable.
  10. Ratchet

    Videowave Closes When Adding Sound

    I have noticed that when I try to add a music file and Videowave crashes, that some Windows files will not open ie: Control Panel, Disk Management etc. (Windows 8 from start menu in lower left corner). Running CHKDSK shows an error relating to the Roxio NXT Proxy file. I have placed a copy of part of the CHKDSK report below from the event viewer. The error shows that a file in the NXT Proxy folder owns the same logical clusters as some Windows/System32 files. Running CHKDSK does fix errors but on reboot there is an error that Windows 8 cannot fix. It tries to restore to an earlier time. This time I was lucky. Windows 8 did restore to an earlier time and booted up ok. 2 weeks ago the same error happened but Windows could not fix it. I had to go back to an earlier image I had backed up. Hope this helps diagnose the problem. Event Viewer partial log of error: Checking file system on C: Volume label is Local Disk. Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure ... Attribute record of type 0x80 and instance tag 0x3 is cross linked starting at 0x149604c for possibly 0x40 clusters. Found corrupt basic file structure for "\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM <0x3,0x36249>" ... repaired online. File "\Users\Ohno5\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\EMC14\VideoUI\Proxy\iproxy5_0002album.jpg.png <0x44,0x23a72>" and file "\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM <0x3,0x36249>" both own logical clusters [0x149606b, 0x149608c) ... queued for offline repair.
  11. Ratchet

    Paint Shop Pro

    NXT comes with the old outdated version of Paintshop PRO X4. Paintshop PRO X5 is the latest version.