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  1. Hey Cerealguy57, it still happens even if you've selected a different channel?
  2. Jinsuke

    "unknown Capture Error

    Hey Logon1027, Seems that you'll likely see the Select Video Device Failed error. Jim's right, this error is an issue with the program that conflicts something on your computer. Right now, the solution that we can tell you is to reformat your operating system or do a system restore and restore to a point before the error happened. But as for your case, it seems that the error appeared on the first run, probably something conflicts with it it. So doing a clean install of your operating system is the only solution now that I can think of.
  3. Jinsuke

    Staying On Hdmi Problem With Ps4

    Hi SeventeenthStar, Have you checked if you're running the latest system version update for your PS4? In the update, you'll be able to disable HDCP to capture videos using HDMI cables. You can check out the tutorial on the link below for a video guide. http://howto.corel.com/index.php/Roxio:Capturing_from_PlayStation_4_(PS4)_with_Roxio_Game_Capture_HD_Pro Try disabling HDCP and test the device again.
  4. Hi Cerealguy57, Have you tried selecting a channel on the Game Capture HD Pro Twitch settings after logging in your account? Try selecting the closest channel and try live streaming.
  5. Jinsuke

    "unknown Capture Error

    Hi Logon1027, Can you try the device on a different computer and let me know what happens there?
  6. Jinsuke

    How Does The Pre-Roll Feature Work?

    Hi Kenda, You can now set the capture program to always record and keep the last minutes of play. This is adjustable from 1mn to 60mn in 1mn increment. When Pre-roll is set, a Save button becomes available. Pressing on Save (or the corresponding function key) will save thepre-roll as a clip and starts a new one. If you click on "Start Recording" while you are in pre-roll mode, GCHD will start capturing until you click on Stop recording. The pre-roll clip is that was saved when you clicked on "Start Recording" is seamlessly appended to the recording. For example, if you have set Pre-roll to 5mn, and click on Start Recording at minute 20 of your game play, and press Stop at minute 50, you will get a clip that starts at minute 15 (minute 20 minus 5) and finishes at minute 50, for a total length of 35 minutes (50-20+5)
  7. Jinsuke

    Playstation 4 1.70 Patch

    Hi guys, Sony has already released an update for PS4. The system update 1.70 patch has capabilities of disabling HDCP for PS4, so capturing HD content using capture programs will now be possible. No more "Signal Protected" issues for PS4. Articles: http://www.gamespot....p/1100-6419203/ http://www.ign.com/a...d-turn-hdcp-off So basically, PS4 is now compatible with RGC HD Pro & RGC.
  8. Jinsuke

    Can Some One Please Help Me?!?!

    Hi ThatGuyDK, I have sent you a message. Please check it out.
  9. Jinsuke

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    Try to install the game capture device drivers using the link below. For 32-bit https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxHQ784SgBTMM29rWWhGaGVVanc/edit?usp=sharing For 64-bit https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxHQ784SgBTMdlJSZHZHNWp3QjQ/edit?usp=sharing Install the driver and let us know if it still shows TRANSCODER. Also, please send a screenshot of your device manager here.
  10. Jinsuke

    I Need Help Immediatley Please

    Try contacting our Sales department. 1-877-582-6735 (Mon-Fri 9am-10pm EST) (Sat-Sun 10am-4pm EST) Except Roxio Holidays.
  11. Jinsuke

    Problems And What We Need Fixed

    I'll take note of this suggestion and forward this to our development team. We're aware about the issue and we're now working for a resolution.
  12. Jinsuke

    No Input?

    *Check if the device is installed properly, Click start and on the searchbox, type "Device Manager" and press Enter *On Device Manager, search and click Sound, Video and game controllers and search for Game Capture HD Pro *Right click on HD Pro and click properties. Check if the device is working properly
  13. 1) What game console are you using? 2) What cables are you using? How are you connecting your devices to the capture card? 3) What is the game console's display settings set to? How about the TVs display output? 4) Also, can you tell me more about your computer's specifications?
  14. Jinsuke

    Capture Preview In Black And White

    1) What game console are you using? 2) What cables are you using? How are you connecting your devices to the capture card? 3) What is the game console's display settings set to? How about the TVs display output? 4) Also, can you tell me more about your computer's specifications?
  15. Jinsuke

    I Need Help!

    The CD Key for boxed Roxio products purchased in a store (retail/online) is located on the back cover of the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM jewel case, or on a sticker on the CD/DVD sleeve. here's a sample picture of the CD Sleeve with the CD key. http://forums.support.roxio.com/uploads/monthly_06_2013/post-39730-0-94693600-1370688955.jpg
  16. Hi Phil, Please check your messages.
  17. Jinsuke

    Can't Stream On Twitch

    Please check your inbox.
  18. Jinsuke

    Issues With Ps3 And Wii U

    Please follow the instructions below and let me know the results. 1) Connect your PS3 directly to your TV using component cables and check if it would make a preview 2) Check TVs Display Settings if it is set into Component 3) Set your console's Display settings and have everything checked (480p, 720p, & 1080i) except for 1080p (leave it unchecked) 4) On Game Capture HD Pro's capture menu, set your input setting from HDMI to Component Let me know the result.
  19. Jinsuke

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Software Does Not Work

    Have you already created a case regarding this concern so the Roxio support could help you sort this out? If so, can you tell me your case number by sending a direct message?
  20. Jinsuke

    Issues With Ps3 And Wii U

    What is your PS3's display settings set to? Is it 1080p? 1080i? 720p? Have you recently played using HDMI?
  21. Jinsuke

    Roxio Hd Pro, Incorrect Drivers

    Please check your inbox.
  22. Jinsuke

    Roxio For Xbox One

  23. Jinsuke

    Is There A Cache Folder?

    Of course, capturing a video will require space from your hard drive. The longer the video that you want to capture, the bigger the file. Maybe you could try to delete unnecessary files using CCleaner? http://download.cnet.com/CCleaner/?part=dl-&subj=dl&tag=button
  24. Have you tried plugging the device to a different port? How about different computer? Did you get the same result?
  25. Could you tell us your computer's specifications? Have you used it before?