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  1. Thanks for the reply. What I was really hoping to avoid is keeping both versions of the product on my PC. That is, if I ever need to do anything with old projects created with MyDVD10, I need to keep that product. As an aside, and I realize you're not responsible , I think that it is terrible that there is no upward compatibility. Also, I think a two year old product is "old" only in the computer world. MyDVD10 does everything I want it do so the only reason I have to upgrade is that support disappears. Whatever new bells and whistles the newest version of Creator has probably are things I wouldn't use. I would be pleased if the new version wasn't as difficult to use as MyDVD10 but I would hate to buy it only to find out I have the same issues. Again, thanks for the reply.
  2. I currently have MYDVD 10 Premier install on my desktop PC. I'm thinking of buying a laptop that offers Roxio Creator 2011. Are they compatible? That is, will I be able to open or edit existing dmsd MYDVD projects in Roxio Creator 2011? I realize of course that Creator 2011 would have a problem with missing files. Thanks.