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  1. Thanks for all the replies and sorry for the delay (my son came home, so it's fairly manic until he's gone down). I think the overlay answers cracked it - there seems to be two ways of overlaying - either a theme or a video/still. I wasn't aware you could do the latter, so I thought overlay was for onscreen graphics / effects (like a filter etc) not for adding videos on top of one another. Now I've found that (thanks to you guys!), I can split the video where I want the cutaway/overlay to take place and overlay the video I want then split again at the end of the overlay and return to the original - all the while, keeping the original clip's audio running. Apologies for not answering everyone's questions directly. I'm struggling to use the right terms for everything I'm doing and the jargon is what's stopped me here. Thanks again.
  2. Sorry, meant to thank you both again for your help.
  3. It's weird how Roxio doesn't have a function for a hugely popular video editing technique - are they trying to make people upgrade to Pinnacle...
  4. Ah, thanks malatekid (another really quick reply - appreciated) I assume I can then sync it?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I mute the native audio of both the main clip and the clip that's cut into it and use the main clip's extracted audio. The problem is that this extracted audio hasn't kept the edit (top and tailing etc) that I've done on the video clip it's been extracted from, it's extracted the audio track for that whole video clip, before any editing had been done.
  6. Hi - please excuse any break in protocol, I've not used this forum before. I'm trying to do some cutaway sequences - which I understand can be tricky in Roxio. The problem I'm having is when I edit the video clip I want to use, then extract the audio and then re-add that audio as a separate clip (on the SFX or music channel) it doesn't keep the edit, it's back to the original audio of the clip. This means I can't just lay that audio under the main bit of footage, cut away to some other video footage while continuing the audio track and then cut back to the original with the audio still in sync. Hope I've explained that clearly enough!