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    I am using 6 (I will try your suggestion) as for the other questions, it only contains 33 pictures with one song, no video and the only difference from the last one is that I used one of my own songs from iTunes (MP3 requirement). I have not rec'd any error messages; it goes through the whole process of uploading (takes about 5 minutes) showing the % complete, etc.. and I have UL it at least a dozen times... I will download and install again to see if that solves my problem (not sure how since it worked before). I will let you know if re-installing helped
  2. Hi There! I am having a problem getting my desktop photoshows to appear on my member page.. I checked the filed size (22Meg), checked my membership status (premium), checked login information (stored - doesn't ask me to input it ) used the "Post to my member page" button to no avail. I have posted one back in June with no problems (approx. same size file)... Did something change that I am missing??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!!