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    Video Upload Issues

    Estrella and Sknis, the problem is theirs.....I was going to convert my .avi file to something else, but, they have the problem not us....today I received an email from them: I would like to inform you that, we haven't closed the case and its our automated system which will close the case if the customer hasn't responded within 10 days. Also, our technicians are working on your issue and they will be updating you with the necessary information as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Balaji Corel Customer Support Services today I tried adding a very small video clip (.avi) it seemed to load then at the end came back with "wrong format". well let's see what happens.
  2. cardosina

    Video Upload Issues

    Sknis, thanks for the reply. my pictures and video clips are on the hard drive and still in my camera. I have not tried the fixes from the other post. Am I reading the tech message wrong? is it indeed their problem? the way I read it, indicates that they are fixing it ?????? in the meantime I don't plan on holding my breath, I will try doing a conversion. I tried both, the online AND the desktop version 6.0......just wont take my video, I do want to make it clear, up until now, I have loaded quite a few video clips to my photoshows, all from the same camera, with NO problem.
  3. cardosina

    Video Upload Issues

    I also have been a premium member for a number of years. I have NEVER had any problem loading video clips to my photo show, actually the last show made was in May 2012. Now, for the past SEVERAL MONTHS (July, Aug and now Sept), as I try it comes back with "fakepath" try another clip.....emailing back and forth with the corel techs is frustrating,finally I got the following: "Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. I would like to inform you that, I have enquired your issue with the department concerned with. They have informed me that this is a known issue and our technicians are working on it and they will be hot fixing it. Once I get an update, I will be providing you with the necessary information." all well and good, I did reply with a thanks, and now 10 days later I get another saying they have closed the case since I have not responded. Sooooo, do we really have to go tru hoops so that we can load clips? or is it indeed their problem which thier techs have supposedly been working on for months?