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  1. I currently have Toast 11.1 (1072) installed on a Mac Pro OS 10.7.5. I downloaded the Toast 11.2 (3175) installer. When running the installer it states the following error: "Toast Titanium Update can't be installed on this disk. Update applies only to the running Toast Titanium, running version is either less than or you have the latest version". I also tried installing via Toast update [when running] but get the same error. I then tried trashing the current Toast folder and restarting - I still get the same error. Can anyone shed any light as to why the Toast updater is not allowing installation? Thanks.
  2. I am using Easy VHS to DVD Capture 1.0.5. How can I get Roxio Video Capture version 2.0.1 (134), and with the correct drivers? I m using two different OS - 10.6.8 and 10.7.5 ​ ​Also, Easy VHS to DVD Capture 1.0.5 only has two settings - High and Normal - no Medium.
  3. wdjudd

    Toast 11.1 Crashes When I Try To Burn An Audio Cd

    I also had to go back to 11.0.4. No problems now. What a mess.