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  1. my Roxio icon is black. My uncle is sending me a copy of the Roxio software. The Roxio software I have came with my laptop.
  2. Yes, that is correct. I don't even know what version it is.
  3. Here's an image of my software. This image comes up when it is going to load and then it says that the drives are disabled. Here's the photo.
  4. It's opening, but after it opens, it says the drives are disabled which has the DVD Drives. I have Windows 7, but i don't know what the red Box is... The Roxio software was on this laptop when It was given to me by my Uncle.
  5. cdanteek, I am trying to be as polite as i can... the link you gave me to try by following the instructions of Post #6... I did it, and Roxio WILL NOT OPEN! I done that step several times with the same result. I installed the software... and Roxio didn't open... let's try somthing else that may help.
  6. i don't have a printer... and I tried that Px engine... I installed it and it still doesn't allow my Roxio software to work. I can burn CD/DVD's, I just can't open Roxio...
  7. Digital Guru, I followed your instructions on the other post, and I did as you posted, but it still didn't help. I do not know what to do. I tried everything possible, My computer sees the CD/DVD Drives, but Roxio sees them as Disabled... strange.
  8. I have a problem with my Roxio Easy CD and DVD creation software. It says my drives are disabled (whhich they aren't) and I can't burn anything until the problem is resolved. Here is my system info: Windows 7: Home Premium I also have a Samsung Portable CD/DVD drive. I do not know what other info you need. Everything regarding to my problem on the Roxio site here I have tried and nothing works to resolve my problem. Please help me. Thanks.