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  1. Spudboy2013

    Aspect Ratios Issues

    Well I'm embarrassed to admit this but after working on this for hours. I've figured out that I had my TV improperly configured. Duh! Nothing wrong with Toast.
  2. Spudboy2013

    Aspect Ratios Issues

    I've seen other threads on this issue and none of those solutions (myDVDEdit) have worked for me. Toast cuts off the left and right sides of the video and fills my tv screen. Instead of squashing down the video and giving me black bars on top and bottom. Thus leaving me with the whole view of the picture. Anyone know how to tell Toast to retain the letter box format when burning (VIDEO_TS) to disc? Thanks for any help.
  3. Spudboy2013

    "encoding" Takes Forever

    I'm not sure about the low CPU usage. I have converted MKV files with Toast to be burnt to disc and having the conversion take over 36 hours.