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    No Audio After Burning Dvd

    So does that mean if I can't open the video file with QT I probably will not be able to make a dvd with good audio and video?
  2. lefkows

    No Audio After Burning Dvd

    I have the latest version of perian. I am running OS X Mountain Lion.I was wondering if Toast 9 had codecs that could be downloaded. I will check if the latest version of perian supports A52 codec.
  3. lefkows

    No Audio After Burning Dvd

    When I burned a dvd from a ..mp4 video there was no audio. The mp4 file had a audio codec of A52. Another mp4 file a burned that was OK had an audio codec of mpga (mpeg2). Is there a codec package for Toast 9 that will correct this problem.