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  1. I just got my Roxio Game Capture in the mail today. I tried it out, recorded some gameplay to test it out and it worked^^ Great, I thought. I shut down the software and did some other stuff. When I got back to try and optimize the record quality, I clicked capture from the launch window and got this message when clicking "Capture": It might look weird to some of you because it is written in Dutch. Bassicly, what it says is: "You can only run one copy of MediaCapture or Plug & Burn at a time". This message is preventing me from getting to capture any footage. Anyone have an idea of how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance
  2. I have a Apple Macbook with Intel i7 and AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics card. I'm not sure if you need the rest of the specs as well, but I'm not to familiar with how to find out about that. I was also running Chrome in the background, including a video chat with a buddy of mine on Google+. Besides that, I had skype and Windows Live messenger on. I waited approximately 5 minutes for it to end, before I rebooted my computer
  3. Ok, the problem is still re-occurring. For instance, the software froze up, and I am unable to end the process. I can click "end" all I want, but the thing won't go away unless I restart my computer
  4. Is there a reason why I wasn't able to simply end the process in the task manager, by the way? the whole thing got started because I couldn't end the process :MediaCaptureGame1X"
  5. I tried doing that, but the process didn't shut down. I restarted my computer and it seems to run fine now Thank you for your time