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  1. One machine at a time huh? So, if I was to install it on my computer, then un-install it, and finally install it on my laptop; then that will be okay? I don't have to get a new registration code or CD Key? Thanks for you help btw.
  2. Hey, I just purchased the Roxio Capture Card and soon I'm planning on purchasing a laptop for full-time use. So currently I just have my regular computer and I want to test out the capture card and use it for a week before I get my laptop. So I was wondering if I can install the capture software (and everything that comes on that CD) on more than one computer. I need to know if it's possible to do this, and if doing so will cause any problems. So to summarise; can I install everything on my computer now, and then when I get my laptop can I install it on there as well? Thank you in advance!