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  1. Rush Videos

    Toast 12

    I just wished they'd listen to users and read these posts to see which direction we'd like and would benefit everyone the most.
  2. Rush Videos

    Toast 12

    Wouldn't it be nice if Roxio came out with Toast 12 & the software actually allowed a dvd to burn faster than 4x? Or better yet, just update Toast 11 to allow it to work to its potential.
  3. Rush Videos

    Toast 11 Burn Speed

    I'd like to use Toast 10 but with OSX 10 I doubt its a possibility. We maxed our Macbook Pro's out with ram and saw an increase in conversion time but burn speed still slow.
  4. Rush Videos

    Toast 11 Burn Speed

    We noticed even purchasing the premium 16x Taiyo Yuden dvd the burn speed never gets over 4x.
  5. Rush Videos

    98 Scenes

    I film football as well and use a camera that uses SDHC card. Digital Guru is correct, a single layer dvd by the manufacturer only has 99 tittles/chapters allowed. Basically each time you hit record then stop recording that creates a title/chapter or a clip as we'd call it. We use Toast Titanium 11 at our games as well. There are a few options, one is to record two plays at a time which would decrease the number of clips/titles you have, that'd allow you to burn a complete game to one dvd. Second option is to burn two separate dvd's, one for first half and one for second half. Once first half is over, insert your card, drag clips from card to desktop then burn in toast, usually takes about ten minutes. Once second half is over repeat process. A friend of mine does stand alone dvd burner from cam but lost power once and that killed his stand alone dvd recorder. There's other options available but to many to type here. Your welcome to call me direct at my office as this is what we do full time at Rush Videos. Gary Rush 205-621-3787
  6. Rush Videos

    Toast 11 Burn Speed

    Wonder if anyone using Toast Titanium 11 V 11.1 been able to burn DVD-R at 16x?
  7. Rush Videos

    Commercial Blu-Ray

    Purchased the Blu-ray plugin for Toast 11 for my Mac Pro OSX 10.7.5 & realized it only plays Blu-ray dvd's created by Toast not Blu-ray purchased movies. Any solutions are ability to play Blu-ray DVD's on OSX?
  8. Rush Videos

    Only 98 Movies Or Slideshows Can Be Written.

  9. Rush Videos

    Only 98 Movies Or Slideshows Can Be Written.

    Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. This is a limitation of the DVD specification itself, not of Toast 11. An option to overcome this limitation is to simply burn the files as Data DVD, instead of a DVD video disc. Another way is to merge your video clips by exporting them to a file (e.g. .mov) and then burning to DVD. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Antonio Corel Customer Support Services
  10. Rush Videos

    Only 98 Movies Or Slideshows Can Be Written.

    I have sent Roxio a Tech Support email & they say responses are usually with in 24 hours. I'll post the response I get from Roxio. On a side note Roxio was purchased by Corel in FEB 2012, which is a Windows only company, guess they wanted a shop in the Apple world. Thanks for the post, good information.
  11. Rush Videos

    Only 98 Movies Or Slideshows Can Be Written.

    Digital Guru, thanks for your post as I'm definitely looking for an alternative. I'll address you solutions in order: If the coach is watching these on a computer rather than on a TV then you can burn them as a data disc instead of as a video DVD The coach shows the DVD following the game that has a projector hooked to a dvd player projected to a pull down screen. If it must be a video DVD you can see if the Merge Clips function in the Toast Edit menu is active. Never used this option but will definitely check it out, thanks. I believe you also can use QuickTime Player to join clips by selecting all of one clip and pasting it to the end of another one. Never tried this but will test it as well, thanks. Yet another option is to forgo discs entirely. If the coach's TV is a HDTV it may be able to play the clips from your SDHC card using a card reader plugged into a USB port on the TV. No HDTV as mentioned in first response, not being smart just direct. One thing I do not understand is you stated the is that the limit on titles is set by the dvd spec, but when i'm authoring in DVD Studio Pro I'm able to set as many chapters, links as I want. Is this this the same or something totally different? Also when I try to drop the AVCHD, MTS, clips into Toast 11 under video the 98 limit only calculates to 2.96 GB, which leaves space to be used. I spoke with a data conversion specialist for a different software company & they say its a limit set by Toast. From online searching, it seems this issue has been around quiet awhile. I'll let you know what we decide to do or what I find out from Toast/Corel.
  12. I film football & the coach asks that I start recording at the beginning of a play and stop at the end of the play. With my Panasonic Ag HMC 150, SDHC cards, this creates around 140 clips per game. Toast 11 tells me,'Only 98 movies or slideshows can be written.", which makes me have to put the game on two separate DVD's, first & second half. Yes i know I could log & transfer in Final Cut Pro and export as one file then burn but the coach watches the game with his team as soon as the game ends. So, time is of the essence here. Any tips or helpful advice appreciated. https://vimeo.com/48806848