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  1. Hi, I recently purchased and installed Roxio NXT and everything works fine. However, I have noticed a playback issue concerning the WinDVD version installed by Roxio NXT. When I connect my laptop (with Roxio NXT installed) to my HDTV via an HDMI cable and then load a DVD into the laptop, I receive an error that WinDVD will not allow playback this way. Is there some fix for this, to allow WinDVD playback through an HDMI cable? Thanks.
  2. Astroceltica

    Roxio Nxt- Windvd Playback Through Hdmi

    Hmm, you are absolutely right, it will not play any copy-protected DVDs, even directly to the computer. What's the point of including it with Roxio NXT then? And it uninstalled my previous WinDVD installation too... Thanks for your reply.