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  1. So after using Vaughn Whiskey's JTVPing tool I decided to select the server that had the best ping. I was getting choppy results. Basically it would stream, then pause, stream, then pause. After selecting the 2nd best ping location all of my issues of stutter went away. I am now able to stream clearly on Twitch.Tv at 480p (default bit rate setting). I have 50down/15up internet speeds. I am still sad that Xsplit still does not work with the Roxio HD Pro though At least Black Ops 2 has an option to turn on your web cam during league play though - so you can actually see your web cam and your game while you stream. -Embalmer
  2. Thanks Ivan for the feedback however - The intro video was created within Videowave and is in fact - not a video at all. I just added a black "Color Panel" and added text effects over it- all done within Videowave. I used the "Insert Color Panel" option to do so. I will most likely do this for all of my videos - Is there a different work around? Is now a good time to "request" a feature added that allows us to choose which resolution we would like to upload to Youtube with? Thanks again.
  3. Embalmer

    No Divx Hd In Export As Video

    So what is the BEST output to choose for a 1080p captured video?
  4. Embalmer

    Update: Roxio And Xsplit

    Good to know.
  5. Embalmer

    The Live Broadcast,twitter Justing Etc

    Sounds good to me. Hope it's soon!
  6. Embalmer

    Live Stream

    Good info. Thanks Whiskey.
  7. Embalmer

    In-Game Chat Audio For Xbox 360

    Gaper1 is correct. HOWEVER: If you use a program like windows recorder you can record your own voice on you PC during the game... then overlay it with VideoWave. That is the only current workaround.
  8. Embalmer

    D3Dx9_33.dll What Is This?

    http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83503-missing-dll/page__hl__d3dx9_33.dll SEARCH people. And this isn't even the right forum thread to post to.
  9. Ivan, This happened to me. I uploaded the video BEFORE upgrading to service pack 1.0 or 1.1. This link shows all of my videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CallofDutyTeamL33T?feature=watch The 16:9 project upload capped at 480p here: I uploaded it manually and it went to 1080p here: -Embalmer
  10. Embalmer

    Roxio Hd Pro For $99

    Just saw this and thought I'd share: http://www.buy.com/prod/roxio-game-capture-hd-pro/241762680.html Buy.com has the HD PRO for $99. -Embalmer
  11. Embalmer

    The Live Broadcast,twitter Justing Etc

    XSplit now works?? Sorry I haven't been on the boards in a week or so. -Embalmer
  12. Ivan, My old broadcasts are no longer available on Twitch.Tv. I'll do some more streaming and post some links. I believe you will be able to view them by here: www.twitch.tv/codteaml33t/videos -Embalmer
  13. Embalmer

    Hdmi Passthrough Not Working Unless Connected To Pc

    This was also added to the FAQ. This is apparently by design.
  14. Embalmer

    Disconnected From The Internet During Stream

    Yea, your network upload is getting overloaded it seems. You will have to drop your stream bitrate/resolution down to a level your network can sustain. You might want to check what your max upload speed from your provider is supposed to be - and possily look into router issues if it "should" be fast enough.
  15. Embalmer

    Quality On Goes Up To 480P On Yt?

    I uploaded directly from within VideoWave to Youtube & Facebook and the max resolution was 480p (that was uploading a 1080p Production). When I upload outside of VideoWave (manually) - it uploads at the full 1080p. I wish VideoWave had some more settings to adjust the auto-upload quality - but for now - it doesn't.