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  1. Hi, I recently attempted to copy a MKV file (Blue Ray Rip/720p) to turn into a DVD, which would be used for playback on my DVD/Mac/XBOX 360, etc. So it needs to be multi-zone. The disc I am using is a Sony DVD-R (120 minutes4.7gig). When I get to the video menu, I select the file, which it recognizes and tells me I have 197.4mb left in space. The MKV file has this listed (video; avc/h.264,1280 x 528, 23.98 fps) (audio;DTS, 5.1, 48000 Hz) I attempted to burn this as is, which it did burn the MKV file to a disc, but once in the Mac drive, it does not recognize it as a DVD (double clicking this file, shows the MKV is on the disc) and it does not recognize this on other devices. Can you tell me where I am going wrong, please? Regards Jon