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  1. LegendGamerPJ

    Directx 9 Problem

    is you pc a 64 bit version? if so then don't forget to go to the x64 folder that stands on the cd and install that, then try again, worked for me (but not after 1 try weird enough)
  2. LegendGamerPJ

    32 Bit?

    it worked! but i still think it's a little weird cuz i installed the x64 already before and it didn't work, now i did the exact same thing and it did, without cleaning history putting my anti - virus off, disconnecting internet etc.
  3. LegendGamerPJ

    32 Bit?

    hold on, i think it's gonna work now, i'm gonna reboot my pc and i'll tell if it worked or not
  4. LegendGamerPJ

    32 Bit?

    so what do i do then to solve this problem?
  5. LegendGamerPJ

    32 Bit?

    hi, a month ago i made a topic in which i said that the roxio game capture software doesn't install on my pc (it aborts at a certaint point (alot of people have that problem)) and so i went to the pc store where i got my laptop and asked if they could help me and they said that my laptop is 64 - bit and that the roxio software is 32 - bit and that that is the problem, so is there a download to get the software in 64 bit? i guess it speaks for it self that i wont pay as the software is part of what i bought already?
  6. LegendGamerPJ

    Need Help Fast! :(

    it doesn't work or i did something wrong, could you please give me more detailed info? or with photo's or something? ;$ i copied the files to C\ and downloaded the file and emptied the % thingy
  7. LegendGamerPJ

    Need Help Fast! :(

    hi, i received my roxio game capture device, the setup was easy peasy but then i tried to download the software on my pc but the installation cancelled and i have no idea what to do now, i really want this to work, also when i look into the log files i get 3 files everytime, DIRECTX_FEB10_Uninstall and DIRECTX_FEB10_Install and also SONIC_SETUP when i try to download microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 it also gives me an error that says that i have to go to configurationscreen and install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1