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  1. Ugliduklng

    Easy Audio Capture Won't Open

    I guess that's what I'll have to try... start from scratch. I really appreciate your effort in helping and all the time you've spent on this. Thank you again very much, and have a wonderful evening!
  2. Ugliduklng

    Easy Audio Capture Won't Open

    Yes. I've tried all that and everything else I can think of with the same results. Frustrating. May be time for a new program.
  3. Ugliduklng

    Easy Audio Capture Won't Open

    Yes... I've tried all angles I could think of to open it. It's strange because if you place the pointer over the tray where it indicates it is open, you can see a small pic of it and it appears to even be working as far as picking up sound from the mic, but won't open a window so that you can control it.
  4. Ugliduklng

    Easy Audio Capture Won't Open

    Thank you for replying. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium and don't have registry cleaner. Maybe I need one.
  5. Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 When I click on "easy audio capture" it appears in the tray but no window comes up. Everything else in the software works fine. Can someone please, please help. I've used it many times and it has worked fine... Suddenly... it won't open. Thank you for your time if you have any suggestions I might try.