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  1. I have gone through all of these steps with nothing resulting. I'd be curious to know if you just purchased a new copy of the application in order to replace the dongle? I didn't want to drop another $70 to purchase the app just to get the connection. . I guess I just decided that Roxio had given up on this software years ago since they've not provided an upgrade in years. There has got to be another method of connecting a VHS player to a USB port in order to capture those old tapes digitally. .
  2. can you tell me if the portable devices have access to edit as well as just burn directly from the VHS tape. The Roxio app allowed me to make certain changes to the final digital output. It would be great to be able to digitally capture the old VHS tapes I have but I'd miss the editing options. .
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I've tried connecting directly to the IMAC usb port and via a usb hub. . Same result.
  4. Yes, I've tried starting the app without the USB connection in place and the result is the same. I get the window appearing instructing me to connect the USB hardware. The only open is the eXit of the app. I've looked for other video capture apps but I don't see how the VHS device connect to my computer? I'm certainly not married to the Roxio app but it worked so well earlier and I'd prefer not to have to purchase a new application.
  5. I've had it suggested to me that this could be a driver issue with the USB connection. I've never had to upgrade device drivers on my IMAC so I'm unclear how this incompatibility could happen. What could possibly have gone wrong with the Maverics update? I've since installed the available updates and the Roxio software still doesn't recognize the USB connection.
  6. My Roxio app, Easy VHS to DVD for Mac no longer recognizes the USB connection. I'm running Maverics 10.9.3 and it worked previously on my Mac G5. I've stopped the app, disconnected the usb and restarted. Connecting the USB it still doesn't recognize the connection. . Is there any newer vhs to dvd apps for Mac? I'd like to have an app that allows me to capture VHS tapes into my Mac and convert them to digital DVD formats. .
  7. chanowski

    App Will Not Accept Prod Key

    I just purchased this product for my mothers Dell pc. She's running XP SP3. I've been successfully using a Mac version of this app for over a year but this Windows version will not accept the product key provided with the disk. The only key provided was on the envelope that the installation disk came in. I've tried the "Os" and Zero's interchangably with no positive results. We bought this from Amazon and was advertised as a new copy. How can I find the key for this copy of the app??? The error displays saying Product Not Activated.