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  1. HsN_FearMe

    Show Your Support For Xsplit Support

    I'm doing this for the community now because I have had so many issues with the device and software that I'm picking up a different brand but, I still want to see support for this because it truly is the best product for its price.
  2. I took the initiative to make a forum topic on Xsplit's website under my personal user account please make a post showing your support so that future users have options for 3rd party software. http://www.xsplit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=14807
  3. HsN_FearMe

    Cannot Change Video Bitrate

    This isn't just you. It's a software problem.
  4. HsN_FearMe

    Pc Capture

    FINALLY, someone has the same problem as me haha!!! I get the same problem and thought it was just for PC games. It ending up being a problem in console games as well. Every time a game was about to end and transition from game play to the menus the application would stop streaming and crash. I tried getting in touch with customer support through email and the response back to this question was with questions about the game,length,and the start or end of the game being played. All I know is that at this moment the software is in a very buggy state and almost unusable for live streaming. It just sucks that this is one of the main features that was advertised for this product. I'd get in touch with their CS and let them you have the same problem except on PC that way they know it is not just the console or game that is causing the issue but, the actual software or hardware.
  5. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    I am on the latest drivers but, thanks for the links.
  6. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    Here is what the Application looks like when I'm livestreaming and it crashes. This only happens when I start or end a game/filmclip and is random when it crashes aprox 5-15mins and can be one or the other.
  7. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    I came downstairs today and went to try the cap card again and now everytime I press the capture button it crashes. I was able to get the program to work after a reinstall but, to my surprise after the install was done I checked the version number and it had changed. Now I have seen some weird ^#!& before but, not a device reinstall with different firmware on it. I browsed around the forums and other people are on this "original" firmware as well without going through the process I did; see picture below for firmware number. Still having the same problems as before so I'm still stuck at a dead end however, when I went to go and update the "original" firmware to SP1 everything was going smoothly till I rebooted and saw that nothing had changed in the ABOUT section but, the new features(see earlier post about SP1) were present except for recording in 1080P which just disappeared... This may have been my last attempt because I still haven't gotten a response back from Roxio other then that they will look into it and reply back shortly. At this point I'd rather not wait for them to release a patch and have to do bug hunting for their broken software. Don't get me wrong the hardware is great(quality is amazing for price) unless the problem resides with that.
  8. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    I read your other forum post embalmer and noticed that you got Xsplit to capture the screen region of the roxio application. Did you do anything special in order to do this? I tried and ended up getting a weird dark purple image over the video feed instead of the actual capture. I'll post a picture in a few to show what I mean.
  9. HsN_FearMe

    Twitch Delay

    I'm in the same boat as you right now but, have a more serious issue at hand once I got the LAG out check out my post if your interested or have an idea. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83587-roxio-hd-pro-app-crashing-frequently/
  10. HsN_FearMe

    Twitch Delay

    I have experienced this problem as well but, my client eventually crashes along with the stream. I tried using multiple resolutions and it seemed to help on lower settings. Check your bandwidth from speedtest.net and see if your upload meets the requirements for your streaming resolution. I was quite surprised at how much upload and overhead you actually need for an HD stream. I have a 2.8MB/s and have trouble with 720p in this software for example. If your bandwidth isn't the problem then it might be a software problem as I have come to learn that in some parts it is still bug ridden which is disappointing to say the least.
  11. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    I better check my phone line then LOL! Next post I make will be an update from the rep that I'm in contact with through email.
  12. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    I'm glad that it's not just me with this problem because this confirms it can be replicated. Oh and I also tried that Roxio Support number and got nothing but a dial tone so, I don't know what is wrong with it haha.
  13. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    I'm currently in contact with a rep through email and they escalated me to "Level 2" for the complexity of the problem. Thanks for that phone number as I will try it out promptly.
  14. HsN_FearMe

    Video To Tv Flashes While Playing And Streaming.

    Please refer to my post on my thread as I have a similar experience but, different problem and have pictures showing a true SP1 for Roxio Game Capture Pro HD. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83587-roxio-hd-pro-app-crashing-frequently/?do=findComment&comment=419160
  15. HsN_FearMe

    Roxio Hd Pro App Crashing Frequently

    These images clearly state that a service pack has been implemented but, my problem in particular was not resolved.