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  1. Hi there Bought a freecom DVD writer few years back with Roxio Easy MC9 with it. Only installed recently to burn some DVDs. Two problems 1. DVD-r showing as 700mb free and therefore wrong 2. Even when I try to burn less than 700 to it by pressing the continue button it simply does nothing! Any help welcome. Thanks
  2. Darren Wylie

    Easy Mc 9 - Dvd-R Showing As 700Mb Free!

    I have moved the experiment to the WORK PC - windows 7/8, not xp and not vista - because it has a DVD drive of its own. do I can try on both my freecom drive and the one built into the Lenovo laptop I use for work. Here are the results Freecom DVD writer - using drag and drop - does not recognise blank disc, spits out DVD demanding a blank one Built-in DVD writer - works fine using drag and drop Would seem to be an issue with the freecom drive but it should work with DVD- r as it says on the back of it. Darren
  3. Darren Wylie

    Easy Mc 9 - Dvd-R Showing As 700Mb Free!

    Hi - SOrry for not gettnig back to you sooner. Device manager shows that it is FREECOM_DVD+/-RW20j6 USB Device and says that it is working properly - I have never had any problems working with CDs on it (reading and writing) Driver Provider is showing as Microsoft (is this correct or should a Freecom Driver be there?). Driver date is 01/07/2001, driver version 5.1.2535.0 There is no facility to select the type of Disk that i can see in EMC9 - I just selected the drive (drive K) which is this Freecom Drive. What next - update driver? Thanks for your kind help, Darren
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    Easy Mc 9 - Dvd-R Showing As 700Mb Free!

    Thanks for your reply to my post. Yes, when I looked in windows (xp) it shows the disk as blank and calls it 'CD Drive'. I tried the disk on my work PC (laptop with windows 8) and it looked fine there. Is this a problem with Windows XP?